Natural wooden Wombat Wall Hook

Natural wooden Wombat Wall Hook

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We love Australia. And we love Wombats, with their tubby little body and little short legs! We also love decor that's FUN and FUNctional. And that's exactly what our WOMBAT Wall Hook is.

Size: 4.5cm x 7cm x 1.5cm, with 3cm of 'hanging' space.


* Lovingly handcrafted in Australia  
* Made from sustainable birch plywood 
* Holds up to 10kg (school bags, mirrors, hats, clothing, jewellery, ...)

Your wall hook comes supplied with a Wall Mate and installation instructions. When correctly installed, your wall hook is proven to hold up to 10kg. We recommend the hook be installed by an adult and to use common sense as to what it will hold.